the whimsical world of rosie flo

Yesterday my Sunshine turned five. When searching for the perfect present to give her, I knew it needed to be something charming and creative as she embodies both of these qualities. When I stumbled across Rosie Flo coloring books at our local toy store, I knew I had found what I was looking for.
The world of Rosie Flo was created by English artist, Roz Streetan. The books are filled with stylish collections of pre-drawn dresses and costumes that are waiting to be completed with creative characters from your child's imagination. As Freeman explains, "The Rosie Flo colouring books evolved through hours of sitting and drawing with my daughters when they were small. . . . Dresses were the most popular items demanded of me and Sophie (now 12) would then do the faces, arms and legs. . . . Sasha (now 8) became obsessed with simply colouring-in.... I was fascinated with how they both maintained such prolonged interest with this way of drawing and felt there must be other like minded girls around."
The quality of the books is outstanding, with thick card-stock pages that aren't prone to bleeding or tearing. We started with the basic book, and it has proved to be Lilly's most favorite gift. Once she has finished with this one I am sure we will be going back for the others in the series including the garden, animal, and kitchen editions. These books are the perfect present for the little lady in your life!

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