givenchy style

Hubert Givenchy is known to most as the fashion designer who designed much of the personal and professional wardrobe for Audrey Hepburn. One cannot look at the iconic images of Hepburn and not think of this incredibly influential and talented man. He created the essence of what is known to today as "Parisian Chic."
For me, how one lives is as exciting, (if not more so) than how one dresses. The now out of print book, "The Givenchy Style" delves into the personal and private world of this man of style. Through the amazing photographs and insightful text, the reader gets a glimpse into how Givenchy lived: his background, training, friends, travels, homes, gorgeous gardens and personal collections. Simply put, this book reveals the pure-self expression of this man who has been so influential in the way the world looks and dresses. Here are a few of the many timeless and beautiful images from this book. I encourage you to get your hands on it if you can and be prepared to be inspired!

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