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I am not a big fan of a "decorated look." Rooms I love best are often a mix of many different styles. They have an unexpected twist either in the architectural elements, furnishings, or in the use of color. Great designers, in my opinion, can take a space and throw in a seemingly random color that is not a part of the overall color scheme and enhance the space by doing so. I won't get into the color theory behind these choices, but when executed correctly these colors elevate everything that surrounds them. Without these pops of color, the spaces would still be beautiful but they would not have the same level of interest, depth and dimension.
This bedroom room by Tom Scheerer is soft and serene and might come across as overly muted if it weren't for the mis-matched colorful pillows on the bed.
The aqua lamps in this wood paneled room designed by Markham Roberts adds a lively flair to this handsome vignette.
Yellow is a fun color to use to offset a predominately neutral space. It really packs a punch in this white kitchen.
This rustic, industrial sitting area is filled with layers of interest, but it is the pretty lavender throw and floral arrangement that make this space sing.
The yellow throw in this black and white bedroom, featured in Elle Decor's Style and Substance, adds glamour and interest. Use you hand to cover up the throw on the chest at the end of the daybed and notice what a difference the pop of color makes.
Birmingham designer, Mary Evelyn Mckee adds vibrant red chairs to a black, gray and white bedroom. Without these chairs the room falls flat.
Kelly Wearstler, the queen of color and drama, adds a pop of pink to this predominantly aqua and brown hotel lobby.
Artwork doesn't have to match your decor and adds more interest when it doesn't. Melissa Rufty chose a red panel to accentuate this glamorous dining room. Jacques Grange chose bold blue and green paintings by Yves Klien and Lucio Fontana to add another layer of interest amongst the more subtle furnishings in Aerin Lauder's living room.

Emma Jane Pilkington uses oversized yellow pillows in the spirited library of this relaxed yet glamorous Hampton's home.
This Jeffrey Bilhuber designed guest bedroom is the ultimate example of how a pop of unrelated color can give a space soul. The red and white quilt make this room. Without it, we would all just yawn and move on.
Whether you like a floral pattern or not, you must agree the pale lavender throw illuminates and adds much needed vibrancy to this dressing area designed by Markham Roberts.
Finally, the yellow chair sitting to the side in this serene bedroom, designed by British designer Veere Greeney, is like sunshine on a gray day. This room would still be soft and beautiful without the pop of yellow but adding it takes the space to the next level.

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