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You might be surprised to know, that if I could only indulge in only one luxury in life, it would not be a wonderfully decorated home. No, if I had to chose only one, it would be great skin/skin-care. Give me a clean, glowing, radiant complexion over an antique chest any day.

My friend, Karee Hays, a medical esthetician, is my go to girl here in Nashville when it comes to keeping my skin looking its best. She works in the offices of Dr. Carla Retief, Nashville's top dermatologist. What I love about Karee is that she does all of my research for me when it comes to effective skin-care. If it doesn't work, I don't want to waste my time or money! There are so many expensive creams and potions on the market that have minimal results. Karee only recommends what works and often it can be found at my local drugstore.
I asked her to share some of her favorite products to keep our skin looking its best for fall and here is what she had to say:
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In my job, as I evaluate the changes in skin, one thing I have continually noticed this season is congested skin. That could be due to humidly, heat, heavy sunscreens and perspiration. A lot of my clients pull back from their routines of chemical exfoliation for fear of sun damage.
As we approach Fall, I give my clients a serious summer tune up with a mini series of peels, deep cleansing treatments and some facial vacuuming. Yes, I said facial vacuuming. There is not one clogged pore once I finish with you. The skin can breathe and now better absorb products because the pores are clear.
At home, you can start with the Walgreen's Brand of Alpha Hydroxy and perk that skin up. Used with some Retin A or Retinol at night, you can be on your way to better skin. Remember to see your skin therapist each season to have your skin evaluated on its condition and get professional recommendations on percentages of treatments, Glycolics and Retin A�s.
I always notice a difference in my hair when I change up my shampoos and conditioners. That goes the same for your skin care. The skin will eventually plateau out and not respond the same as it did at first with some of your creams and lotions. It is good to change them out depending on the condition of skin. I may use Oil of Olay Regenerist one month and then Cetaphil Lotion or Cream the next and go back to Oil of Olay after a period of change.
Beauty Must-Haves for Fall:
Jemma Kidd tweezers, they are hands down my favorite (here, here! they get those stubborn small brow hairs and never get dull!)
Shu Uemura lash curler (add a little heat from your blow dryer to get curly lashes)
Instead of doing Obaji for 6 months with many steps to get dark spots off I use Skin Rehab once a week or every two weeks for three nights and poof, they disappear. It is prescription strength magic in a jar. NO JOKE! I have not put one person on this that does not RAVE about their results. Caution! You will be super glossy and radiant. $150.00 (I'm raving! This product is only available through Retief Skin Center)
For my hard-core skin folks I like the Counter Clockwise Peel MD for the really stubborn spots and great for Melasma. I can hardly keep this product in stock because people love that there is hardly any down time and no laser required. $600.00 The price includes a complete kit of at home products and a post treatment facial. (Again, this also can only be purchased here in Nashville at Retief Skin Center)
I love Therapy Systems Better than Cover concealer and Bobbi Brown�s eye corrector.
I can�t live without Revison Tinted 45 SPF, (LOVE this!) the color is great for fair skin and as I need more color for Fall I simply add a dab of Clinique no streak bronzer to it and wow�my Summer GLOW is back. Very soft dewy finish. I like Mac Select SPF15 if you are oily.
Frederic Frekkai dry shampoo brings movement and body to my hair with a plant-based formula free of sulfates, parabens, dyes, and synthetic fragrances, for days I just don�t have time to wash my hair but want to look great.
Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum or L�Oreal Collagen Repair is nice under concealer. (a great drugstore find always makes me smile)
Stand by favorites:
Don't toss out the coffee grounds that brewed up your morning pot of java. A handful of moist grounds (organic is preferable) make for a fantastic facial exfoliant or all-over body scrub. Not only do the grounds physically slough off dead skin cells, but the remaining caffeine also tightens and firms pores, resulting in impossibly smooth skin. For dry skin, add 1-2 tablespoons of cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil. (who knew?)
Eucerin Therapy Plus Intensive Repair Body Lotion.
This is just a must for silky legs during cooler weather. I alternate with my favorite self tanner�Fake Bakeand Voila, no need to give dry, ashy, colorless skin a second thought.
If you live in Nashville, be sure to give Karee a visit and tell her I sent you! Trust me, your skin will thank you!
Karee Hays
Retief Skin Center
615 383-6092

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