film: the lazarus effect

I am sure most of you are already familiar with the ongoing RED campaign that partners with brands such as Gap, Starbucks and Apple to raise money to fight Aids in Africa. RED's latest effort is The Lazarus Effect, a documentary that details the transformative effect that anti-viral drugs can have on people who are HIV positive in Sub-Saharan Africa. The documentary will be airing on HBO, YouTube and Channel 4 (UK) on May 24th.
Along with the documentary, there is an moving Public Service Announcement that was directed by renowned French celebrity and film photographer Brigitte Lancombe. Lancombe has celebrities reel off a list of items that can be purchased for 40 cents, which is the cost of an life saving anti-viral pill. Check out these Lancombe's beautifully captured celebrity portraits as well as the PSA below. And be sure to watch the Lazarus Effect May 24th.

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