on set: sex and the city 2

The truth of the matter is, this has been an exhaustingly busy week. My husband is traveling on business again and we the children and I have been bouncing from one end of the year activity to another. Come tomorrow afternoon, I am checking out of this crazy routine and escaping with a group of girlfriend for dinner and a movie. After a margarita (or too) we will be sitting down (that sounds dreamy about now) to see the take in the highly anticipated film, Sex And The City 2.
Honestly, I could care less if the movie is any good or not, I am just excited to see the fashion and design (and to have 2 hours of uninterrupted time to myself!) The film promises to feature fantastic furnishings with one of Carrie's lines being, " I have been cheating on fashion with furniture." From what I can tell, the set director, Lydia Marks, has done an amazing job.
Carrie and Big's living room is dramatic and glamorous, as is to be expected. The room reflects it's inhabitants well with a mix of handsome and feminine furnishings in the space. The sofa in this space is from Montauk Sofa and is upholstered in the most beautiful blue fabric from Donghia.

Carrie and Big's dining room is equally as chic, with an oxidized steel chandelier and dining chairs upholstered in Lee Jofa's Belgravia fabric. I have a feeling we are going to be seeing a lot more of this print now that it has been showcased by Carrie!
We all know closets play a major role in the Sex and the City phenomenon and the sequel promises not to disappoint. Carrie and Big's closet, seen below, is divided into his and hers with a sleek masculine wood trimmed side from him and a sophisticated, well lit, painted side for her.
Charlotte's Park Avenue kitchen is built for a growing family with it's fresh white cabinetry, industrial appliances, and large island. The making of perfectly iced cupcakes in an unstained apron I can't much relate to. Trying to talk to a friend with a screaming baby on my hip is more my speed. I love the grey and white harlequin floors but in reality they would be a nightmare to keep clean in a kitchen with kids!
Be sure to check out more great interior images from the film on Elle Decor and if you get a chance grab some girlfriends go see SATC 2!!
All photographs courtesy of Craig Blankenhorn

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